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About Vibration Testing & Analysis

Vibration Analysis is a practical nondestructive unobtrusive testing practice and methodology that can help determine equipment health.


Invizions uses state-of-the-art equipment to gather and process vibration data. The analysis is done by certified technicians to ensure accurate reports on each point taken. The vibration data provides an insight to the health of the equipment.


With the aid of vibration analysis, discovering equipment related problems (imbalances, looseness, and misalignments) becomes a reality. Identifying and evaluating bearing and gearbox conditions are other advantages of vibration analysis.


Vibration analysis can also be performed on new equipment to check for foundation stability, misalignment, and identifying natural and resonant frequencies. Vibration analysis provides the reality of identifying and correcting potential problems before they become actual problems that result in downtime and reduced productivity.


Applications of Vibration Testing & Analysis

  • To minimize unplanned downtime through an established predictive maintenance program
  • For problem identification and isolation
  • For proper equipment set-up and balancing
  • Vibratory bowl tuning

Invizions Vibration Testing & Analysis Services

  • Electrical Vibration Testing
  • Mechanical Vibration Testing
  • Leak Detection
  • Corona
  • Bearings condition
  • Steamtraps
  • Valve testing
  • Power & Communication Lines


Examples of Mechanical Vibration Testing


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