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About Infrared Thermography

IR viewing panes are installed in electrical panels to allow thermal imaging without exposing the thermographer to live components. These panes are UL listed, and certified to IP-65 with the cover open or closed.


Depending on your plant's safety guidelines, an IR viewing pane may be your alternative to doing nothing when it comes to inspecting switchgear.


Arc flash is caused by a momentary connection between phases, there isalways a trigger event. Most common trigger events are falling debris, dropped tools, or accidental contact. Per NFPA 70E, opening energized enclosures, hinged or bolted, carries among the highest risk classifications. Use of IR viewing panes improves plant safety by reducing or eliminating the trigger events that can cause arc flash. You save time and cost, reduce the need for PPE and escorts, and improve system reliability.


Any window must transmit IR. Material choices have historically been mineral crystals such as Calcium Fluoride, Germanium, or Zinc Selenide. These materials are unfortunately expensive and fragile. The VPFR Series windows combine an IR transmitting polymer with an aluminum grate. The result is an affordable viewing pane, and the only window available today that meets the force and impact guidelines of IEEE Standard C37.20.2 for viewing panes in metal clad switchgear to 38 kV.


Download the Field of View Matrix to see the approximate area you can view with your IR camera through each VPFR viewing pane size.


If you are interested in VPFR windows, contact us immediately for more information.


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