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‘Word-of-mouth’ keeps Invizions a step ahead of the rest
By Heather Chapin-Fowler 
From the Morning Journal on 11/19/08

NORWALK TOWNSHIP — An increase in sales and an obvious boost in need for its service has kept Invizions Inc., a step ahead of its competition, according to Vice-President Ed Will.

“Word-of-mouth” about a dedicated service-oriented staff has also contributed to the company’s success.

Founded in 2001, Invizions, 2519 SR 61 South, Norwalk Township, has six full-time employees and was started by a pair of high-school friends who graduated together from St. Mary Catholic School in Sandusky.

Will and President Rod Scott were joined by a third partner and friend, John Wasniak, who is an owner of a neighboring business in Norwalk Township.

“We really work well together,” said Will who joined the partners in 2002.

Will and Scott jointly handle training of staff and customer relations.

The company offers services in thermo-graphic infrared testing, electrical and mechanical equipment and building heat loss analysis, vibration analysis and ultrasonic testing for air loss and energy conservation. It is being recognized as a Golden 30 winner for emerging companies. This is the 11th year for Golden 30 awards which honors top businesses in Lorain, Erie and Huron counties.

With the recent increase in energy costs, many of Invizions customers are using its services to save money, said Will.

Residential clients are using the infrared technology to analyze where the heat and energy is lost in their homes such as around door and window frames, said Will.

The average analysis for a residential customer costs about $400 and includes the initial visit as well as a follow-up visit to make sure the problem areas have been repaired or sealed, said Will.

Many of their customers become regular and most of them share their positive experience with the company with others, said Will.

“Our attention to detail both on sight with our customers and our ability to offer, under one company, the format to handle all their needs in the predictive maintenance field” also keeps Invizions a successful company, said Will.

The company began using mostly infrared technology and has incorporated other technology as the years have progressed, said Will.

Invizions now offers a variety of technological equipment to meet virtually all of the clients needs, he also said.

Additionally, the company has added a number of new customers for servicing large substations, said Will. The increase has helped add to the boost in sales in the past year, he also said.

The company also sells the safety Extendo-Valve, a piece of equipment created on site at the SR 61 office to test high voltage transformers from a safe distance, Rod Scott has said.

Oils inside the transformer must be tested annually, which is a dangerous job that Extendo-Valve makes easier and safer, he added.

The company averages 1,000 jobs annually and sells the Extendo-Valve.

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